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Indonesian handicrafts in the global market place…..

Hand crafted gifts and arts and crafts from Indonesia have continued to gain in popularity over the years. Bali handicrafts now adorn the homes of millions of consumers the world over. At some time or another, you may have come across a hand crafted item that has caught your eye. Perhaps a melodic bamboo wind chime, or a cute brightly painted cat, maybe a leaf covered  photo frame, an elegant wooden sculpture, a hand woven cushion cover. These, and many other such items often originate from right here in Indonesia.  Indonesian handicrafts have rightly earned a dominant place in the highly competitive international giftware and furnishings market place. Millions of dollars of handicrafts are now being exported all over the globe annually to gift shops, supermarkets, department stores,wholesalers, importers and distributors. Bali handicrafts centre  supplies quality Bali handicrafts to such entities and currently exports to at least forty countries all over the globe.

Wholesale Bali handicrafts…..

You’ve come to the right place for quality Bali handicrafts from an Indonesia based wholesale craft supplier. Bali handicrafts Centre  is a well-established manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of quality Indonesian craft products. Our product range includes all the classic Balinese products like wind chimes, photo albums, stoneware, miniature surfboards, incense, hand crafted terracotta ceramic, candle and incense holders, sarongs, fashion accessories as well as many more handcrafted gift and home ware items from not only Bali but the entire archipelago of Indonesia.